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Ash Harbor

Solid Brass Glass Rinser

Solid Brass Glass Rinser

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Effortless, Spotless Shine – Make your glassware sparkle in seconds with your sink cup rinser. Your cup rinser for sink produces a powerful and precise stream of water to blast away stubborn stains.

Solid Brass – Preserve pristine kitchenware with a rust-proof copper glass washer for kitchen sink. Won't corrode like steel, your bottle rinser sink attachment always looks as good as new

Convenient Design – Fit your 5 in. wide kitchen sink gold glass rinser in standard sinks to make a versatile addition to any home, cafe, or bar. Rinse mugs, narrow bottles, and delicate glasses

Save on Water – Want to curb your carbon footprint and lower your water bill? Use your water-efficient, jet-stream, bottle washer for sink and enjoy it for years thanks to its rust-proof brass

Impress Guests – Blend quality with classy charm. Bring a professional level of hygiene, quality, and taste to your evenings in with your faucet glass rinser for kitchen sinks from Ash Harbor

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